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Royd Moor Yarns

Mary's Blog

I've added a few more skeins to my ebay page, some sock yarns, a few cashmeres and some hanks of DK . Just type in Royd Moor Yarns on the ebay search and the list of yarns should come up for you.

It's great to finally update the cashmere page. I have a special fondness for this fibre - it's incredibly squish-worthy and mega soft.

Hope you like the new colours.

I have a spare single skein of SEASPRAY 1596 all on its lonesome

The colours are gentle pale blues and aquas with subtle shading, with hints through to greeny blues

These are the new 100% Wool 4 ply skeins.

VISION 1580 - turquoise blues and magenta shading through to lilac


You can tell I've been exploring the bluebell woods nearby and although the bluebells are finished, the bluebells dotted amongst the grass under the trees were beautiful

PERSUASION 1577 - holiday reading - again - an old favourite

WILLOW TREE 1586 - no willows in my garden, but admiring the willows at Harlow Carr gardens in North Yorkshire - searching for inspiration for my own garden where the weeds are taking over.

ASPEN LEAF 1582 - I do like the sound of Aspen leaves when they shake in the wind. Saw some gorgeous trees at a golf course - no, I don't play golf - but I can still admire the trees.

Not a full 2 skeins for this dyelot, so I'll alter the price accordingly.

It's been a little while since I've worked on the 100% Wool 4 ply fibres. The yarn is spun in Yorkshire and comes to me as fairly large hanks. Sometimes I dye the full hank and then the yarn is skeined into 50g balls. This time I decided to skein the yarn first and then work on a series of colourways. And here is the result...

I've worked on 5 different colourways. The yarn takes the dyes really well so the colours work really well. I can have a little trouble with yellow if it leaches into the other colours along the skein, so the yellow becomes a type of green. But I'm happy with the results for these skeins.

I'll add the various colours to the 100% Wool 4 ply page for you.

It's taking a bit longer than usual to dry the yarns as they're dyed. Usually I dry the yarns outside but that's not possible at the moment - everyone has the rain!

So, the new yarns are on their way, a few at a time.

The first one I have to show you is PAPILLION 1576 with the purples of the lavender flowers - I was planting some lavenders in the rockery before the rains started. I think they're drowning now.

And the second colour is FOREST GREEN 1573

It's a green that has underlying blue tones. As with PAPILLION, it has lots of subtle shading within the colour range. Hope you like them.

FOREST GREEN and PAPILLION are 100% Wool DK. I'll add these to the 100% Wool page for you.

A new addition to the 100% Cashmere page is the subtle


A combination of soft browns and coffee shades moving into stone colours with hints of mossy greens. Paypal buttons have already been added to the page.

More cashmeres to come.

We also have RHUBARB in 100% Wool DK

I'm starting on some new colours for the DK 100% Wool yarns.

There are 3 skeins (50g each skein, 104m ) of this new version of RHUBARB. I had a great crop of rhubarb this year and the gorgeous glossy colours were an inspiration.

And as always, they translate into my dyeing.

RHUBARB will be joining the 100% Wool DK page

Two new sock yarn colours are joining the 75% Wool sock yarn page. The first is called SNOW LEOPARD - after I watched an amazing wildlife programme about the elusive snow leopards and how stunning they were, I created a series of grey, dove grey, shading into whites with speckles in a charcoal shading into almost a blue grey colour in some cases.

I'm still working on small batches, so the pairs of skeins will vary from one dye group to another, but they will all be called SNOW LEOPARD. Watch out for the dye numbers as they will vary.

The second colour is SNOWSHOE HARE, again in the 75% Wool sock yarn. I loved how the white winter hare changed its colour in the spring to a mixture of fawn, soft browns and creams. Again, some speckling along the skeins.

I'll be adding these to the sock yarn page today, together with the paypal buttons.

I have a new cashmere colour to show you.

I've called it LOVE - IN - IDLENESS 1550 because it references the violet flower and the white base for the flower. (A Midsummer Night's Dream)

It's quite striking - I hope you like it

It's now on the 100% Cashmere page. - 2 skeins only.

Morning everyone, thanks for checking out the RMY page.

I've been getting myself organised this morning before the dyeing starts in the afternoon and the latest yarns are being added to the sock yarn page and the double knitting page.

LICHEN 1549 is now ready - 3 skeins of this colour in DK. With working in the garden, I've come across some of the most beautiful coloured mosses, especially around the bases of the the trees and over the dry stone wall. And this is the colour I've worked on.

Right in the middle of the country, equidistant from both coasts, I still love visits to the sea. And hence I have SEASPRAY 1548 in the 75% wool sock yarn. The little bits of green were for the seaweed!

The two latest colours are in the 75% Wool Sock Yarn yarn.

The smoky grey with the merest hint of lavender is


And the newest green colourway, again in the 75% Wool Sock Yarn is DOUBLE DOUBLE TOIL & TROUBLE 1545

And here we have the start of the 100% Cashmeres




There are more to come, but I thought I'd get these 3 colours onto the page for you first of all.

The cashmeres are coming...

I've had to wait for a new consignment of fibre and I've been working on the new cashmere skeins. Bear with me... they'll be dry soon and I'll photograph them for you. It's always exciting when the new cashmeres are ready........

The second DK DOUGAL'S GLEN 1544

Predominantly fresh green tones, shading into yellows and mossy limes. There are some blue tones in there to

Just 2 skeins of each of these DK colours. The DK is 100% Wool and I find it's very easy to wear. I think these colours would make great beanies, especially if you make pompoms in the same yarn.

I'm adding to the double knitting page.

There are 2 new colours which have just been added....



The paypal buttons will be appearing shortly on the 100% Wool Double Knitting page

There are price rises planned by Royal Mail for deliveries and obviously these will impact on sending our our yarns. What we would like to do is send out the yarns flatpacked, as below, and actually reduce the cost of sending out yarns to our customers.

It will mean that when the yarns arrive, you will have to twist them back into hanks, or leave them in the cellophane packet until you need them. We want to do the best we can for our wonderful customers and reducing postage costs for them is on our radar.

We will be reducing the cost of sending out our yarns to £2.50 for this flatpacked version. The price is for the complete parcel of yarns sent out to you.

If you would prefer the yarns to be sent out as twisted up skeins, message me and I will send out an additional invoice to cover the extra costs of postage. 

I have it - finally - an instagram account.

You'll have to bear with me as I'm a complete newbie to Instagram.

But I think I've managed it . 

Instagram - knit.dye

Hopefully you'll find me. I've already posted a little video of me lifting some yarn out of the dye water (sounds gruesome but the colours are great) and I've also posted a picture of the yarns finishing off drying before I skein them and photograph them for the website.

Hope you can find the time to have a look :)

I had a lovely visit away to the Cornish coast a few weeks ago and loved the time on the stunning beaches. The sun came out and although it was cold, the wind blew away some of the cobwebs.

The colours on the beach were amazing. And I now have a whole raft of colour combination inspirations.

It's a while since I've dyed any blue combinations, so there will be a few of those appearing soon.

Back home in Yorkshire, we have a carpet of snowdrops in the garden. I soooo love it when their heads appear because it means that spring isn't far away.

And once the snowdrops are here I know that the garden will be coming to life with colour. We have gorgeous doubles in the garden.

And every year there are more and more of them.

And this year we have these stunning large crocuses in the grass. They weren't planted here but probably the bulbs were dropped by birds at some point and here they are. year after year.

They are always so cheerful and colourful... maybe a few crocus inspired colours in the pipeline...

I'll be posting some pictures of the yarns as they're being dyed, just so that you have some idea what will be coming up colour-wise.

Thank you as always for your messages. As yet I don't have an instagram account for the yarns, but I may set one up that will show some short video clips of the yarns coming out of the dyeing process. I'll let to know as soon as I've organised it.

These are the next colours to be added to the 75% Wool sock yarn page. All four colours are finishing off drying and then I'll photograph each one individually for you.

I'm working on a series of colours at the moment which involve different approaches to dyeing the yarn. These ones are using a kettle immersion technique, then bringing the yarn out onto the work surface once it's cooled, to add dyes that introduce slight variations in tone. I like subtle shades, but I'm trying to make sure the added dye colours work well with the main shade.

Hope you like the latest skeins... I'll add them to the sock yarn page.

Three new colours which have just been dyed.

Two skeins in each dyelot.

One dyer who is very happy with the colours

New colours to be added to the 75%Wool sock yarn page




MONROE 1526 

And 3 skeins of 100% Cashmere in a baby blue semi solid shade.


I have some new colours to show you. Recently, the focus has been on some custom dyeing of sock yarns, so I will be adding to the sock yarn page - the 75% Wool and 25% Polyamide.

So today I'm adding FOLDING STAR 1496. I've worked on this combination of colours before and they work really well in the sock yarn.

The two new 100% Cashmere colours are VELVET MOSS 1499 -

a very rich semi solid mid green that has been dyed with an undertone of mustard.

And FADED STARS 1503 which has a violet blue / lavender baseline -which is one of my favourites to work with in this fibre.

I've really enjoyed working on the new sock yarn colours recently and the cold weather has brought on a new enthusiasm for all the yarns. Will be up until the wee small hours, working on the dyes!

27th November 2018

Working on some new sock yarn colour combinations, just in time for the cold weather.

I'm developing some new dyeing techniques which have been fun to work on. Some of the sock yarns have been selling out very quickly and as always, I try to keep the combinations as exclusive and original as possible.

Hope you like the new colours!

All are 75% Wool, 25% Polyamide.

50g skeins of 200m approx.

The skeins are on the 75% Wool sock yarn page

This is GLACIAL 1478

Next we have WINTER PANSY 1479

And finally we have TETE-A-TETE

Lots more to come over the next few weeks

11th September 2018

New yarns are appearing on the website now and I'm featuring the newest additions on the home page. Hope you like the new look.

The dyeing is taking over now. The sock yarns are taking priority, but I have lots of 100% Lambswool which is high on the list.

In the meantime, I took time to try out some new sock yarn colours

I had a bit of a play with some olive greens and blues. I wasn't sure if the combination would work, so I'm using a couple of the skeins myself to see how they knit up

And I really like the combination. The skein colours are closer to the true colours rather than my photo of the knitting. I'm helping a new knitter with a garter stitch cushion, so lots of photos of "how to ..." at the moment.

5th September 2018

I'm working on revamping the homepage for the website, which will take me a little while, so apologies while that is happening.

I've added a new page to the list of pages. It's a pattern for a very easy garter stitch cushion. New knitters have been asking me for help as to what to make with the sock yarns other than scarves, when they just want to knit but aren't at the "lets make a pair of socks" stage. I'll put the pattern on Ravelry as well. 

So if you have some sock yarn leftovers, a cushion is a great addition. Plus you can mix and match the colours. 

New cashmere colours will be added over the next few days.

19th July 2018

Lots of exciting new colours will be available in the 100% Cashmere yarns. Yes, I've been busy dyeing different shades for you. With the weather being so warm, I've been able to get the yarns dried outside so easily. It's been a pleasure to work on the cashmere yarns.

Not all the colours are in this photo - the reds were still drying outside - but I'll be adding those to the cashmere page too.

I hope you've all managed to get some knitting time - I've been taking my knitting outside with me. It's been lovely to have those moments in the garden with a cup of tea and a project in hand.

I've had a lot of enquiries from young knitters who just want to work on a simple project using the hand dyed yarns, something that grows quickly and will show off the colours.

So, what to make in the summer, when you don't want to knit scarves or hats just yet. And socks are just a little bit too advanced when you're a new knitter. Plus, you may want to multitask... watch a film or sport in the evening.

I've put together a REALLY easy pattern to make a cushion. All in garter stitch. the colours of the variegated hand dyed yarns take all the effort out of trying to put colours together, darning different coloured wools in at the side or dealing with increased or decreased stitches. This is my easy, brain not quite in gear knitting. It's when I want to knit, keep my hands busy, but don't want to engage with a pattern.... I have lots of other projects on the go for that.... all works in progress. (WIPs)

The GARTER STITCH CUSHION is a project that I hope will bring more people, young and old, into knitting. It takes 100g of sock yarn or other 4 ply yarn, with approximately 400m in total. I've knit it on 4mm needles because everyone likes to see their work grow fairly quickly. Once the needle sizes get smaller, it can seem too much of an effort for a new knitter.

I'll create a page for the cushion with instructions.

It's a great way to use up some of a stash if you don't want to use your sock yarn. And every single cushion will be unique. Part of the fun of hand dyed yarns.....

11th May 2018

Paypal buttons are now on the 100% Cashmere page.

I'll add the new colours as I photograph them for you.

30th April 2018

This is the first of the new 100% Cashmere colours.


I've only dyed 2 skeins of this colour in the 100% Cashmere just to see whether I would like the deep colour.

Although it's a dark blue, it has that little hint of petrol blue about it, together with denim shades. It's all very subtle as a semi solid colour. And the key is that I've double dyed it to get the deepness of colour into the cashmere fibres - which I treat with a great deal of respect when I'm dyeing this fibre.

Hope you like it - I like trying different shade combinations.

I also have 3 skeins of the STORNOWAY 1391 back in stock. The paypal buttons have been added to the 100% Cashmere page.

More colours to follow....

24th April 2018

Hi everyone. Lovely to be back in touch after the little break. Just to bring you up to date.. I had a bit of a fall - nothing at all serious - but amongst other tiny injuries, I put my wrist out of action for a short time. So - all back in working order now and the dyeing has restarted in earnest.

My first lot of dyeing was some sock yarn. I've called it "JUST A PERFECT DAY" because that's what it felt like to be back amongst my yarns and dyes.

There's a combination of blues, turquoises, purples and greens along the skeins.

The colourway is rather pretty and the colours are intense. The sock yarn is 75% Wool and 25% Polyamide. And as always, sock yarn isn't just for sock knitting. 200m per 50g skein, so the yarn goes a long, long way in a project.

I was very tempted to keep this colour all to myself, but it's important to share and I hope someone else loves the colours as much as I do.

I am asked why I only dye a few skeins in each colourway. Sometimes I dye only 2 skeins of yarn, enough to make a pair of socks. And I think the answer is that I like exclusivity. I like the fact that myself or a customer has the only colourway when a project is knitted. No one else will have that same colour pair of socks, or scarf, or shawl. Mass produced yarn definitely has its place in the yarn world but exclusive, exquisite colours have their place too. And that will mean just a few skeins of yarn dyed just for you.

I've also dyed some cashmere - different colours than I am used to. And they have so been worth the effort. Pictures coming up soon.

8th March 2018

I love seeing beautiful pieces of work. It's always a pleasure to see what has been knitted in Royd Moor Yarns. The fibres look amazing knitted up.

Vanessa has very kindly allowed me to show you photos of scarves that she has knitted. (Thank you Vanessa!) These are her own patterns and I love her choice of stitches for each of the yarns.

Soooooo soft in the 100% Cashmere.

3rd March 2018

Everything looks so pretty - as long as you don't have to spend too much time outside. 

4th February 2018

The yarns have been dried. As I photograph each one, I will put them on the website and then add the payment buttons all together at the end.

This is STORNOWAY 1391 in purples and blues. 4 skeins dyed in this colourway.

This is HAVEN 1390. Just the 2 skeins of this gorgeous colour. I wish I'd dyed much more of this one as the colours have turned out really well. 

The photo was taken outside, so the colours are not as strong as they appear. The blue is more of a paler turquoise, although I realise that the colours can appear very different from computer monitor to monitor.

I don't dye red very often, so these next 2 skeins are unusual for me.

Semi solid red in colour, this is GENTLE RED 1392

Next we have 2 skeins of COPENHAGEN 1393 - lighter than the photo, semi solid.

Followed by 4 skeins of MERMAID GREEN 1394

Then 2 skeins of WATERFALL 1395

And last but not least - 2 skeins of sock yarn DRAKE GREEN 1396.

(I just felt like dyeing some sock yarn!)

These are all the new colours for now.

There are a few more 100% Cashmere skeins in the process of being dyed, but they'll take a few more days before I can photograph them for you.... maybe a preview over the next few days....

3rd February 2018

This is the first of the new 100% Cashmere colours available. 

The green is a strong mossy green with glimpses of a mid to sky blue through the skeins. Just 2 skeins available in this colourway. And the 100% Cashmere means the yarn is extra soft. I'll be adding the colour to the cashmere page today.

1st February 2018

Just thought I'd give you first glimpse of the new cashmere colour - It's a base colour of a mid blue but there is an overlay of green shades.

It is rather pretty with the variation in the shades. The colour always looks much darker when the cashmere is wet. At the moment it's drying and it'll take a while to dry. There are 4 skeins dyed in this shade. As soon as they're ready, I'll let you know and post a photo of the dried colour for you to have a look at. Then I'll add the skeins to the 100% Cashmere page, together with the paypal buttons.

I'm working on a blue/purple shade with plum added into the mix. Should be interesting... photos soon....

26th January 2018

It was an early start this morning, to prepare some 100% Cashmere for dyeing. I like the peace and quiet of the very early mornings.

Plus a stunning sunrise... which is always a bonus.

The snowdrops have been appearing in the garden in little clumps, (amongst all the leaves I haven't tidied up yet). I love it when their brave little flower heads herald the beginning of the new growth in the garden.

The colours in the garden are just beginning to show when the sun comes out.

The hens are very elderly now. They're going on for 7 years of age. They don't lay eggs any more, but they have their own individual characters and they are wonderful little pets. They follow me from the henhouse to the kitchen in the morning and they wait on the kitchen doorstep in the evening for the feeding of the sultanas before they follow me back to the henhouse for the night.

From the left we have Millie, Mabel and Myrtle

I'm working on some new laceweights this weekend and then it's the turn of the sock yarns. The 100% Cashmere is drying at the moment (it takes quite a while as I don't like to use heat) and as soon as it's ready, I'll show you the new colours.

24th January 2018

I've been working on the 100% Cashmere yarns recently and I've photographed some of the colours that are ready to be added to the website page.

It's hard to tell exactly the colours when computer monitors can vary so much from machine to machine. My camera tends to pick out the strongest parts of the colours in the skeins, so the photos may not be totally accurate for you.

For the colours above, the 2 skeins on the left are a maroon/purple shade.

The centre blue skeins have a turquoise and a denim shade to them. And the skeins on the right are very much a strong purple lavender, perhaps less blue than the photo shows.

The lavender skeins are below. There are hints of a rose purple along the skeins.

The next two skeins below are ATHENA. Turquoise and denim blue shades. Should look very nice knitted up - I do like the blues in the skeins.

The next two skeins are quite a strong purple for me. They have been double dyed for me to get the depth of colour that I wanted for these skeins. These aren't a solid colour... there's a lot of subtle shading along the skeins. These skeins are called REGAL.

And last but not least, I have a couple of orphans to add to the ORPHANS page. 

There is a SKY BLUE - the last of its kind. Gentle, semi-solid blues in this last skein.

And there is a single green skein called LEAF MOSS. This was part of the dye consignment for LEAF which featured on the 100% Cashmere page, but it also has a bronze mixed in along the skein, which is why it became separated from the LEAF skeins. Lots of green shades, hints of blues, then a slight mustard bronze shade along the skein.

I will add the skeins to the website today.

Bear with me while I add the paypal buttons for you....

19th January 2018

Snow days for everyone, including the chickens.

For someone who loves colour as much as I do, I like to see the garden when it's white and black .. as long as I don't have to drive anywhere.

Max likes a little foray into the snow, but he doesn't stay out for long. He prefers to be sprawled out in front of the fire.

He's pretty laid back, as you can see.

Or asleep!

5th January 2018

Happy New Year. I hope it's going to be an amazing year for everyone with time for knitting and relaxing as part of our day or weekend.

After all the storms and high winds that have affected so many people, it was wonderful to capture an amazing sunrise a couple of days ago. I took the photo on my phone when I'd gone out to let the chickens out of their hen house... no filters or colour changes... just as I saw the sunrise in the morning.

So I have my first colours of 2018 to work on. I'll see how these translate to the yarns and post some pictures of the dyed yarns once they're complete.

13th November 2017

The sock yarns are now being restocked on the website. Two skeins to make a pair of socks.

The first colour to be added is GREEN DRAGON - greens with a bronzing along the skein.

The green is quite intense. It should make a beautiful pair of socks, a neck cowl, a hat or a scarf.

The add to cart buttons for the sock yarn 75% wool have been added to the website.

There is one single skein of sock yarn left over from an order - 75% wool 25% polyamide.

Usually the sock yarns skeins are £ 6 per skein but as there's only one left, I'll add it to the ORPHANS page for you. 200m is usually enough to make a hat.

The yarn is called MOSSY and it's a semi solid colour. Some of the green that's in this yarn is also in the GREEN DRAGON sock yarn colours.

12th November 2017

Some of the delicate new colours in the 100% Cashmere yarn. It's

beautifully soft and goes a long way - 350m approx per skein.

One skein on its own would make a gorgeous cowl or scarf.

This is ATHENA .. turquoise blue with a little bit of darker blue shading along the skein.

And this is LEAF - variations on green. Rather pretty, even if I do say so myself.

I'll add these to the cashmere page this afternoon for you. Only 2 skeins of each colour.

29th October 2017

I have some beautiful new colours to show you.

I've been dyeing the 100% Cashmere skeins, 100% DK Wool, sock yarns and the lambswool. It's been a busy time and I'm really happy with the results.

Thanks for being so patient, waiting for the colours to arrive, but the skeins have been selling as soon as I have them dyed. I've been playing catch-up but I think I'm just about there now.

I'll be adding the pictures for you so that that can see the colour variations in the skeins. And then the add to cart buttons will be added to the relevant pages. 

22nd August 2017

Wool dyeing day today...

Skeins wound.

Then into the dyeing pan.

The pink ribbons are to stop the skeins getting tangled.

Adding a golden yellow dye.

The a green base dye

And finally a purple base dye.

It always looks interesting when you add the dyes and it's quite hard to stop the bleeding from one colour into another.

I'll let you know how it all turns out when the skeins are washing and dried.

In the meantime I have some new 100% Lambswool skeins to show you.

They are almost dried and then I can take some photos to show you the colours.

19th August 2017

I've had such lovely responses to the Heirloom Blanket which I posted on its own page recently. Thank you so much !

I have had a few enquiries about a border. I haven't put one on my own blanket so far but this is partly because I'm very tempted to add yet another round of squares to make it even bigger.

Having said that, the blanket is lovely without a border, but I'll have a think as to what kind of border I would put on it and make a suggestion or two as to different ways to finish off the blanket edge. And of course I'll put some details on this page and the Heiloom Blanket page for you xx

18th August 2017

Lots of colourful boots, filled with flowers - lining the entrance steps at Harlow Carr gardens.

These were so quirky, I loved the idea behind them and loved the clashing colour combinations.

And this sundial caught my eye. I don't know any Latin, but I'm guessing this means

"Time Flies" - very apt considering how busy people's lives are these days.

16th August 2017

The details for the HEIRLOOM BLANKET have now been uploaded.

The blanket has gained a page of its own. ... on the left hand side of the website pages, scroll down below the yarns and it's listed underneath EASY PEASY HEXAGON.

There is a pattern for the squares knitted in Double Moss Stitch.

The pattern has also been listed on Ravelry although the double moss stitch details appear on the RMY website. 

2nd August 2017

The peacock has now lost all his tailfeathers. He looked very grand when he was displaying them.

I've been finding them around the garden over the past few weeks and I've collected them up and put them in a pot to wave in the Yorkshire wind and rain. Yes... it's raining again!

But the colours look amazing.

1st August 2017

The dye pots are out and I'm looking forward to working on some new colours.

I usually work with powder dyes and then make them up into liquid form as I need them. The dyes lose their vibrancy if I keep them for too long without using them up.

The colours are never what you think.

One of the yellow looking dyes is actually an olive green colour. Blues are sometimes lilacs and the browns aren't ochre, they can be a mustard yellow or green.

Sad to say, I'm very excited with dye pots.

Thank you for all your lovely comments about the Heirloom Blanket. I've posted a bigger picture of the actual blanket itself. It's a great way to use up leftover yarns and the colours are turning out really well. 

It isn't completed yet as I keep adding bits on, but it's neatly finished off and is fully reversible. Plus, as it's knitted in 4ply, it's very lightweight but beautifully warm. As long as you stay with making all the squares in the same ply, there's no reason why you can't make the same blanket in DK or even laceweight yarns.

I'll write out the details for you soon.

30th July 2017

This is my latest project.

I'm creating an heirloom blanket from all those bits and bobs of leftover hand dyed yarns and sock yarns.

I wanted to create blankets that were colour shading specific and the blues, teals, greens and greys were a good place to start.

Most of my projects tend to be big ones, so it's nice to have the chance to make something small and add it to the pile to be sewn with others later.

I like films, and I can't always concentrate on some patterns when I'm watching the screen, so these little squares are useful and - I have to say it - addictive.

Plus it showcases most of my yarns and colours when all too often they end up in a swatch book, mostly to be viewed by me.

I have a little collection going and I'm trying to sew the various swatches together as I go along.

I realised there were a lot more colours than my blues, greens, teals and greys that needed knitting up. So the "green" blanket has also been started, as has the "purple, lilacs and grey".

Working on the different colours means that I don't have blue and green spots before my eyes. I like the variety.

I've had lots of "ooohs" and "aaahs" over the colours and there are also "takers" for the blankets when they are finished.

Mention "heirloom" and non knitters are very very interested. Although most don't realise how much work goes into the blankets, it's lovely that they love the finished article

I've really been inspired by th.e "granny blankets" made by crocheters and I've made quite a few of those over the years. Still, it's lovely to have a very fine knitted blanket when knitting is your thing.

It's an ongoing project, to fit in with all those other ongoing projects but I'm having such fun with it.

I'm going to write out and photo the details for the heirloom blanket for you. It's very simple and great if you are a new knitter or if you're a very experienced knitter with a massive stash of oddments of yarns.

Details soon......x

29th July 2017

Release the hens!

Myrtle, Millie and Mabel heading out into the garden first thing in the morning.

And these are the plants I started off as cuttings, brightening up a small patch of the garden. Love the colours x

27th July 2017

Despite the rain, there is always a rainbow!

24th July 2017

Rolling green hills. ... you can just see the windmills on the skyline.

The peacock has taken to standing on my table outside the kitchen. It probably gives him a good vantage point.

He's lost all but two of his tail feathers. I've been gathering them up as he moults the display eye feathers.

His display has been sensational this year, but sadly, he has failed to attract another wild peahen. There is a shortage of them in the village!

I hope you like the colour.

I was trying to achieve a depth of colour with the purple and blue dyes and didn't quite get what I was looking for the first time around. Normally, I would leave the dyeing process at that stage because the colour would be quite pretty anyway.

And then I'll be able to create lots more of the purple shades that I love so much.

I wish I'd dyed more for you ...

It is lovely living in the village but we have the worst internet ever!

I've learnt how to create a mobile hotspot from my phone, which, if you know me, is no mean feat.

So, bear with me, and I'll upload those pictures as soon as I can for you ::::::::::::

28th February 2017

The purple hyacinth is stunning and the scent is amazing. I'm going to use this colour as the inspiration for next cashmere dyeing.

The palest of lemons will be a real challenge I think. It would be so easy to end up with a strident yellow. A few grains of dye can make such a difference to the colour.

2nd February 2017

Even the hyacinths can't match the electric blue of the wild peacock in the garden.

In fact, if the door is open, they will come in for a wander round.

This one is Mabel. She's 5 years old and still the most timid. 

The speckledy hen is Millie. I looked back over the photos from years ago and her head and hen feathers have got more and more grey over the years. She's a very friendly little hen and will sit on the bench next to me in the summer. Usually because she thinks I have food for her.

The holly trees which I had cut down so severely are all starting to grow and the frost on the holly just coated the outside edges of the leaves.

The greys don't actually stay as dots of colour. I blend them in gradually so that there are grey shades along each skein. Although I have to say, the speckled effect does look quite interesting.

It's too cold for me to dry the skeins outside at the moment, so I have to dry the skeins inside. 

I have some beautiful new colours to show you.

So this is the 100% Cashmere :::::

4 skeins dyed in total.

The colours I'm working on at the moment are the CELTIC GREYS. They've all sold out pretty quickly and I've had a few enquiries about them.

The walled garden itself looked so different - just red brick and green with the coating of frost that stayed for days.

In the summertime, they're green and leafy and children sweep in and out of the tunnels. Such a lovely addition to the gardens.

But best of all, I like it when there's some colour. Just that hint of a setting sun beyond the trees.

And pretty much all I needed was a pair of scissors, a staple gun and a hammer.

I chose fairly neutral tones for the cover and the ferns, hares and seed heads appealed. The shadows on the photo are from me, not the material.

Much better than the covers that were on before and lined up ready to go round to my friend's house to go back on the seats.

8th December 2016

I really like the combination of the colours. I feel it almost seems Christmassy because of the richness of the golds and the aubergine/plum shades.

And this is the yarn when it looks like a bit of an untidy bird's nest. However, all those pink ribbons keep my yarns in place from becoming tangled and unmanageable.

As soon as it's ready, I'll put it on the new DK page for you. And there are 10 skeins available..... decided to dye more than the usual 2 or 4 skeins because I like the combination of colours so much.

As this is a new yarn I'm introducing, the price is £ 3.75 per skein until the New Year 2017.


This is him....

I've had to take the photos long range because whenever I've got close, he's got up and stalked away.

I'm easily distracted.... 

What if I dyed some yarn using the yellow stamens? How successful would it be?

Using one of my best white plates was not one of my better ideas. I thought the colours would show up well for the photograph.

I decided to use sock yarn, 75% Wool 25% Polyamide, as it usually takes the dyes so well. I used 2 skeins only... enough for a single pair of socks.​

So cold up here today. Hope everyone's keeping warm - it's a day for thermals...

Within a few minutes, the snow was falling. The hens have wisely retreated to their house and are looking out from the doorway.

His tailfeathers are starting to grow again now, after he's moulted them all at the end of the summer. I spotted a few eyes amongst them.

Well.... there's always great colours to dye.

On the plus side, I love wearing hand knitted socks. They're just incredibly warm and cosy. To be fair, I do tend to wear them pretty much all year round because they're gorgeous, but on a cold day, I really appreciate their prettiness and their warmth. 

16th November 2016

It looks like I've put a filter on the camera for those black & white photo shots or even sepia. Such a contrast to my usual world of colour up here on the Pennines.

I thought I'd give you an update on how those new yarn colours were coming along.

The green is probably a bit stronger than it appears in the photo. I was trying to pick up the heathery purple colours on the camera.

And next I have the cashmeres...


I'll add the new colours to the cashmere page and then post the purchase buttons.

4th November 2016

I have a couple of tiny oak trees by the garden wall, only a few feet high but the red leaves stand out so well against all the browns and greens in the garden.

The main leaves that have dropped have been from the sycamores lining the garden and they've settled into lines along the grass. I must have hollows along those sections.

It has been the sycamore leaf colours that I've worked on first. I've got a mossy green in with the yarns that I've dyed so far.

Underneath the stone wall at the side of the house, my hostas are dying. Instead of the amazing green and white striped leaves, I've got a greeny yellow colour as the leaves are dying back.


There's also a wooden sculpture of a fairylike creature at the side of one of the pathways. 

One of my favourite areas is the walled garden with the rectangular lilypond. It's just so relaxing being there. 

The colours ended up more stalk coloured than petal coloured.

As soon as they're fully dried today, I'll post you some pictures. I hope you like the colours as much as I do xx

He's still an inspiration for my blue dyeing, with or without the "eyes".

This is VERSAILLES 1252

Here are a few of the colours I've been dyeing in the 100% Wool hanks.

COLMAN 1249 Yellows, soft greens and a little bit of marmalade orange

I do save up lots of little bits and pieces of wool. I just can't bear to throw anything away. I get asked what I do with them all, especially as some bits of wool are mere scraps of yarn.

I work with an odd number of stitches :-

I tend to change colour every 2 rows so I get that horizontal weave effect, but there's no reason why you can't use a variegated yarn and work completely from one ball of yarn.

The peacock is starting to lose all his long tail feathers.There's nothing wrong - it's just an annual moult of feathers for him. We keep finding the feathers all round the garden and particularly on the driveway in the morning. At night, he roosts in the big sycamores and lime trees at the edge of the drive, hence all the feathers in the morning on the drive.

So if I head out for the line to hang out the newly dyed skeins, he's right next to me, keeping an eye on the proceedings.

The farmers have been busy in the fields near us. This is just over the other side of the wall with the Royd Moor windmills in the distance. I quite like the ordered lines of the grass being cut.

They never turn out the same as a few grains of dye can make an enormous difference to the end colour.

Enjoying this lovely sunny weather so much.

Newly dyed skeins.

We've been a week without broadband :( It's only when you don't have internet that you realise how much you rely on it for everything.

It looks like my dragon/griffin is guarding them.

Some of them are a little bit more neutral for a change, but they are semi-solid colours with the usual variations that I like along the skeins.

And last but not least I have MOORLAND 1214. The hills around us haven't got going with their heather colours yet but I like the horizon where the hills meet the sky.

13th May 2016

He also liked to try and impress my hennies with the full tail flourish.

The first one is MARIANNE 1208 

Those feathers are amazing. Although he's wild, he does tolerate me stroking his feathers - mainly because I have to get past him to get out into the garden.

The lilac purple has different shades of purple to vary the tones in the skeins.

And I'll be working on my next set of cashmere colours xxxxx

So excited ... guess what I'll be dyeing over the next few days!

I love these acronyms. WIP meaning Work In Progress.

There is green in this colourway too but it hasn't shown up all that well

I'm making myself an Autumn sweater in the 100% Wool.

This is the hank once it was dried.... I called it VALLEY GREEN. Tempting fate because we just have a white-out on the hills at the moment.

I finished off the drying inside after they had been snowed on twice!

There are 2 skeins dyed in each colourway.

So, from the left we have Mabel, Myrtle, Gladys (or at least a rear view of her) and last but not least Millie.

Not a day for drying the yarn outside :: :: ::

17th March 2016

Peacock in the snow..... he's looking for the bread I put out for the hens.

4th March 2016

Hope you like the colours. I'm going to call the yarn "PEACOCK" so that you'll be able to watch out for it once it's fully dried and skeined. And you'll know all the steps that influenced me into making up those colours for that one hank of yarn.

I took a few clumps in the green to some friends in Cornwall who wanted these beautiful delicate flowers in their garden. Despite our very best efforts, they never survived into the following spring. Very sad to admit failure, but the snowdrops just love the garden conditions here.... probably a little bit of neglect goes a long way :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Gorgeous, isn't he?

I loved the colours and the swirl of fish around the glass dish. I see something new in it every time I see the fish.

I realised that I didn't have many green tones on the website, so I've been working on a hank of wool with variations on green.

4th February 2016

I think that next time I would like to add in a lilac / blue / grey into the colour combination as I totally missed out that sky variation at the top of the photo. I think that would make a really interesting shading as long as the colours don't bleed into one another. Otherwise, I'll end up with a very murky looking sunrise :)

Sometimes it can be hard to tell what a colour will look like when it's knitted up. The colours can look amazing when they're being dyed and then they look completely different when they're in a skein.

We had the most stunning sunrise this morning at about 7.15am . Isn't it beautiful?

And I've just seen little groups of snowdrops peeping through the earth at the side of the driveway. Every year, the snowdrops make me feel so happy. It's like welcoming old friends.

And I'm starting off with an apology for not posting any new yarns recently.

I'll put this skein on the ORPHANS page today.

A: Because the chickens needed a day off

1st December 2015

30th November 2015

And this is my latest project. I'm using steel needles at the moment. Usually, I use birch needles which are very easy on the wrists, but in a careless moment, I sat on the chair and squished my favourite needles. I ended up with a pair of very large toothpicks. So, I've had to resort to the steel needles in the right size. The project, which is for Christmas, is almost finished and then I'll be ready to look at another pretty colour sequence. So much to look forward to on a rainy day...xx

There's something about the light early in the morning.

The first is RHUBARB & CUSTARD. The shades are slightly more subtle than they appear in the photo.

I've been having a little sort-out. Do you ever do that? Just a little look through all the stash yarns and finding some lovely colours. I came across this soft mustard yellow with toning into a light leafy green and it reminded me of the Sundance plants that I have scattered around the garden.

It's so cold at the moment, but perfect weather for knitting when it's warm and cosy next to the fire in the evening.

TULLE - Orphans page

PHOEBE - Orphans Page

31st July 2015

The tree surgeons have been hard at work in the garden and there is no washing line for drying the yarns at the moment. (Hence the delays!) The garden looks pretty devastated at the moment, but hopefully it won't be too long until all the tree work is completed.

In the meantime, the peacock is following the hens around the garden. Wherever the hens go, the peacock follows. One of the white hens was in one of the coop nesting boxes, laying her egg and the peacock was just waiting for her to come out again.

On the wool front, I'm sorting out some orphan yarns for the webpage. I realised I hadn't put any on the page for a while and there are a few skeins that are looking for a good home. I'll be sorting through them today for you and adding them on as soon as I photograph them.

There's a special evening light that lasts for about 15 - 20 minutes that makes everything look stunning.

I added a little bit of turquoise dye to some of the shading to just lift the green into a jade blue tone in parts. Works well I think. I'll add the colour to the 100% Wool page today.

This is ATHENA 1094 in 100% Wool. I'm also going to add 3 of the skeins to eBay so that you can see them on their website too.

Henry is looking a bit wet and bedraggled - in as far as a beautiful peacock can look bedraggled...

You have to be quick around here ... sultanas are the hens' favourite treat.

12th June 2015

Our visitors in the farmer's field next door keep having a look over at us in the garden.

From this tight ball of petals.... smaller than a golf ball...

I'm going to cut some for the house and use the colour as inspiration for some new wool colours.

The dappled sunlight is quiet and serene.

9th June 2015

Aren't the tiny veins along the petals beautiful? I'm so pleased that the camera was able to pick them up. So, lilac cashmere but without the yellow.

I have more cashmere colours to add. I'll put the phone photos on Twitter so that you can see them before they are uploaded to the website. 

The new Merino / Tencel laceweights have been added to the website together with the payment buttons. I've been concentrating on the 100% Cashmere for a while so I hadn't realised that the laceweight page needed updating desperately.

My lilac tree is only just starting to green up now. We're usually weeks behind everyone else because we're high up and it's much colder than in the town. Still, I dyed some pale lilac because I thought it'd make a fabulous shade for a shawl which usually only takes one skein to make. It's a semi solid colour so there is a beautiful shade variation along the skein.

6th May 2015

It's amazing that nature has created this incredible looking bird.

So I thought I'd show you some of the latest colours in progress

The solar eclipse today...

21st January 2015

I've just realised that the picture of the driveway looks like a deliberate black and white photo.

I don't blame the hens for being so reluctant to come out of their hen house in the morning.

LICHEN in the 100% Cashmere

FAUN - a semi solid in oak browns and light beige shades.

14th January 2015

As long as I don't get distracted by another possible WIP!

It's been a wonderful, colourful world for the past two days. I've been working on the 100% Cashmere colours and creating rainbows of colour.

Hope you see something you like

I wanted the colours to take on the shades of the peacock feathers that I've watched every day over the past year.

I wondered how the peacocks would get on with the snow and eventually spotted them on a neighbouring roof, well away from the snow.

And the latest news on the yarn front is that my new consignment of cashmere has arrived... a bit delayed because of the Christmas parcels, but very exciting to restock. The dyes are coming out today and I'll be making a start on the new colours for the website.

And here was my glorious sunset. I had just gone outside to fill up the hens' water container and realised I had that precious five or ten minutes when the light is just perfect to capture a sunset. So, a quick dash inside for my camera... a quick jog to the wall to take the sunset picture... a quick jog back to the house to fetch the camera sd card which was still in the laptop... then back out to the garden wall again to take these pictures. Walking this time... jogging is not for me!

I have a few colours to add to the ORPHANS page tomorrow, just singles, but worth a look. There might be something to grab your attention....

As for pricing. I would normally create these scarves for £ 18.00 each, but I am aware that the postage and packing cost on the RMY site is £3.50, even though these scarves will post out as a large 1st class letter. So... the price for each scarf will be £14.00 to my RMY buyers. If you are buying yarn, the scarf will be posted out with the yarn and there is no additional or separate postage cost to pay.

And you can just about see the tan feathers on the underside of the peacock.

4th November 2014

I've been sorting through the yarns and I have a group of various weights and colours which I'll add to the ORPHANS page as soon as possible. There are some real bargains amongst them and many of them are just one-offs or the last of a dyed batch, so I won't be able to match up any extra colours for you, but I hope you'll really like the variety and the shades. And then I should have lots of room for the newly dyed yarns in the collection.

5th October 2014

I've dyed some 100% Cashmere hanks of yarn in semi solid colours to try and mimic the colours on the toadstools... watch this space!

Thank you for being so patient with the new colours being added to the website.

And then I have a paler version of the OLD ENGLISH ROSE which I've named BRIAR ROSE because it reminds me of the wild roses that I come across when I go for walks along the local bridle paths. It has a more pronounced mossy green to it. Very pretty. There's only one hank of this colourway.

There are also a couple of new hanks of the 100% Cashmere added to the website. These are LAVENDER FIELD. My lavender is the garden is finishing now and the colours are fading. I'm always delighted with my lavender in the garden because I like scents. But I let the plants get too leggy and woody, so they'll have to come out this autumn. It can get quite cold up here on the Pennine hills and I always associate lavender with hot and sunny climes, so to me it's always a wonder that the lavender survives the frosts. But we do have a wonderful lavender farm a few miles away. Fields of lavender, which are produced commercially. Hence the name for these hanks of cashmere.

These are the Merino and Tencel hanks on the line. 

3rd September 2014

Isabella, the peahen, doesn't have quite the same looks. She looks a bit like an ostrich here.

So, you can see how I spent my morning. All influenced by seeing the peacocks first thing.

I have some gorgeous new colours to show you in the 100% Cashmere yarn. I've been working on some slightly different dyeing techniques, which would allow me to build distinct shades along a hank of yarn and then mute those shades as they intermingle , moving from one colour to another.I have ended up with some very odd looking shades in the past, that verge on a muddy grey puddle, but I've got the technique the way that I want it. What do you think?

We have some new additions in the field ..... lots of wool on legs!

I wanted to show you a stunning piece of work knitted in the 100% Cashmere yarn. It's a beautiful shawl knitted by PENNY CATER of Seascale in Cumbria.

The light was just perfect this morning. All the windmills stood out boldly on Royd Moor with the morning sun on them.

And last but not least is Moaning Myrtle. She really is the friendliest little hen. As soon as she knows there is someone in the kitchen, she runs across the garden to come and say hello. Hens love company and they really have great little personalities. Moaning Myrtle has a big personality. She's the one who is pulling all the pegs out of the peg box as I'm hanging out the washing. If the kitchen door is open, she's inside wandering around, clucking continually, until someone shoos her out of the door.

The shearer starts with the underbelly. It looks a bit uncomfortable, but the sheep are well used to it and the shearer works so quickly, the sheep aren't on their backs for long.

Careful around the legs...

And then, as quick as a blink, we have another nude sheep.

The peacock is quite taken with the newly dyed blue cashmere hanks of yarn.

I've dyed so many hanks of yarn in blue recently, but when I look out from my kitchen window to see a wild peacock sitting on the hen coop, you can see where the inspiration comes from.

9th May 2014

I thought I'd give you a quick preview of some of the latest yarn colours

I've worked on laceweight yarns - 50% Tencel / 50% Wool

It's usually one of the white hens that leads the way and all the other birds including the peacock just follow along behind.

Henry's colours amaze me every day. He waits on the kitchen window sill every morning until he sees me put on the kettle for tea. Then he knows it's only a few minutes until I come out to let the hens out of the henhouse.

There's lovely definition on Millie's feathers too